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This Muslim cartoonist uses his drawings to talk about almost any issue except Donald Trump

  • Jacob Templin
By Jacob Templin

Executive Producer

Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

Khalid Albaih is a Sudanese-born, Muslim cartoonist whose drawings comment on the European migrant crisis,  terrorism, and police brutality in the United States. With the exception of Donald Trump, there are very few hot-button issues he won’t touch. (The Donald’s not worth his time, he says.)

During the Arab Spring, Albaih began posting his cartoons on social media and was quickly labelled an “artist of the revolution.” After Charlie Hebdo was attached earlier this year he published this piece, a plea for religious tolerance, which went viral. And when ISIL targeted Paris and Beirut in November, he used a cartoon to suggest a knee jerk military reaction was not the answer.

Albaih sat down with Quartz in May and discussed why he prefers to put his work online instead of in galleries.

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