Thanks to Star Wars, we know what movie tickets look like pretty much everywhere in the world

How We Buy
How We Buy

The new Star Wars movie, which you have definitely already heard a lot about, is being released across the world this week. Today (Dec. 17), it opens in Chile, Egypt, the UK, South Korea, and many other countries.

The whole world is eagerly anticipating the same movie at the same moment. So eagerly, in fact, that the whole world is posting images of their tickets on social media, in various languages and from various locations. So we at Quartz had a question: How different are the physical tickets—still given out in most theaters around the globe—from country to country?

We collected several images of tickets from around the world and tracked down the locations of their theaters to get an idea. Here’s a quick tour of the world in Star Wars tickets.

Seri Iskandar, Malaysia

Klatovy, Czech Republic

Taipei, Taiwan

Manila, Philippines

Maribor, Slovenia

Mexico City, Mexico

Göttingen, Germany

Geelong, Australia

Alabama, USA

Belgrade, Serbia

Happy :3 #starwars #starwarstickets #movie #watch #cinema

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Seoul, South Korea

Blumenau, Brazil

Ontario, Canada

Hong Kong

May the force be with me #starwars

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Lipetsk, Russia

Essex, UK

Looks like the world is settling on those flimsy print-out tickets—presumably the last stage between old-fashioned rolls and full digital. Oh, and somebody also posted their ripped ticket from the original 1977 Star Wars: A New Hope—at a drive-in!

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