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Quartz’s commemorative Fed rate hike T-shirts are now available by popular demand

By Matt Phillips

We all just lived through a momentous week.

On Wednesday, the US Federal Reserve made its long-awaited decision to lift short-term interest rates after seven years near zero. Will the global economy ever be the same? Probably. But we made a commemorative T-shirt to mark the occasion, anyway. (Commemorative plates were too difficult to ship.)

One hundred readers who quickly responded to my tweet on Wednesday were able to get one of these suckers for free. But we received upwards of 800 responses, and some readers asked whether we’d be willing to sell them. This is what economists call demand.

So here’s the supply. The rate-hike tee’s are available now for the low, low price of $12. Oh, and here’s a piece of forward guidance: They are only available until Sunday.

Wear them with pride. And if you’re of a mind to, snap a picture of yourself in them and tweet it. We’d love to see how they look.

Buy them here.