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YouTube/Boston Dynamics
Dashing through the grass.

Google’s creepy robot dogs want to wish you a Merry Christmas

By Mike Murphy

Boston Dynamics, the Google—now Alphabet—owned robotics company wants to wish us happy holidays. Instead of mailing out cards or posting a note on their site, the company decided to make a short video of its robots, dressed as Santa’s reindeers, pulling someone along in a sleigh.

Let’s hope the person in the sleigh wants to be there, and hasn’t been taken captive by the company’s Spot robots. It wouldn’t be much of a surprise, after the way Boston Dynamics’ employees have been treating those robots this year. As far as we know, this festive stunt could well be a front for the beginning of the robot uprising. That being said, it’s surprising that Boston Dynamics’ human-shaped robot, Atlas—which can now run through the forest on its own and does a mean impression of Daniel from The Karate Kid—wasn’t at the helm of the sleigh. Perhaps it’s off getting everything ready for Christmas, or preparing for our enslavement in the new year.

Keep your loved ones close this holiday season—it may well be humanity’s last.