“Mom said no,” “Only if there’s free pizza”: Muslims hilariously respond to ISIL leader’s call for recruits

Sorry, bro. Mom made pizza rolls.
Sorry, bro. Mom made pizza rolls.
Image: Reuters/Social media
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When ISIL leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi called upon Muslims around the world to join his “caliphate,” Muslims around the world confidently replied that they’d rather do literally anything else.

“Sorry Guv. Colonoscopy booked,” one man wrote. “You should have told me before. I just renewed my pornhub subscription,” wrote another.

On Dec. 26, ISIL social media accounts shared an audio message from al-Baghdadi, believed to be his first public statement since May, when the terrorist group released an audio recording to prove its leader was still alive after he was believed to be injured in an airstrike. Iyad El-Baghdadi, a writer and human rights activist, tweeted a translation of the new message, which included a call to arms:

Unfortunately for ISIL, Muslims didn’t seem too interested in joining them.

You can read hundreds more pithy replies here.

While ISIL has had success using social media for propaganda and recruitment, it appears that simply asking Muslims to join the group isn’t entirely effective. At least not for the vast majority of Muslims, who are too busy playing video games, making pancakes, or Netflix and chilling to be bothered with joining an evil death cult.