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Europe’s lost generation of unemployed youth keeps on swelling

By Simone Foxman in Europe
youth unemployment january 2013 historical data
The number of unemployed people under 25 has blown up since the financial crisis.

The latest unemployment data (PDF) from Europe have more scary news: a “lost generation” of unemployed young people continues to grow. While fewer than 10% of Germans under age 25 are unemployed, a full 62% of young Greeks are out of work, 55% of young Spaniards don’t have jobs, and 38.7% of young Italians aren’t employed. Italy (38.7%) surpassed Portugal (38.6%) in this measure for the first time in January 2013.

And most Europeans aren’t hopeful that the situation will change anytime soon:

unemployment expectations ages 16-29 youth for next 12 months
Young people’s expectations about worsening unemployment have steadily increased since July 2012.