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Europe’s year from hell, in 12 short verses

An anti-EU flag is displayed at Zagreb's main square.
Reuters/Nikola Solic
European disunion.
By Jason Karaian
Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

2015: Ode to misery

January starts with terror in Paris
A vote in Greece
Revs up printing presses

In Feb, Athens’ lenders begin to circle
Ukraine on the brink
Please save us, Frau Merkel

In March, the Greeks see no end to their pain
Bank accounts drain
And the refugees came

Google is charged with abusive behavior
In April, to Moscow
As Greece seeks a savior

May brings some growth, if you can believe it
But the EU’s at risk
Because Britain might leave it

Put bailout to poll: Greek leader’s June order
The banks shut up shop
Orbán closed the border

In July, endless summits reached their aim
A bailout at last
And the refugees came

In August, economies are once again roiled
Merkel greets migrants
A train attack foiled

September starts with a heartbreaking photo
Putin bombs Syria
And Volkswagen laid low

October’s influx sets a new migrant record
But the surveys show
Growing fear and discord

November sees Paris come under attack
Russian planes go down
A quota shows cracks

At year-end in Spain, voters mete out the blame
Draghi disappoints
And the refugees came.

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