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Trump: “I will do more for women than Hillary Clinton”

AP/Nati Harnik
Who are you calling sexist?
This article is more than 2 years old.

According to Donald Trump, the only advantage his political opponent Hillary Clinton has is “the woman card.”

In an interview broadcast on CBS yesterday (Jan. 3), Trump accused the former first lady and current frontrunner for the 2016 US Democratic presidential nomination of ”constantly playing the woman card.”

“It’s the only way she may get elected,” he said, later adding: ”I have more respect for women by far than Hillary Clinton has. And I will do more for women than Hillary Clinton will.”

While campaigning in Iowa last month, Clinton told reporters that Trump, the current frontrunner on the Republican side of the presidential race, has “demonstrated a penchant for sexism.”

In the weeks since, Trump has attempted to undercut Clinton’s remarks by arguing that her husband, former US president Bill Clinton, is the most sexist US politician of them all.

Trump told CBS that he’s best suited to beat Clinton in the general election because he’s the only Republican candidate “willing to talk about” her husband.

The rest of the Republican candidates are trying to keep up with Trump on this front, as the ability to defeat Clinton has become a key factor in their primary campaigns. Marco Rubio, for example, focused a chunk of his speech in New Hampshire yesterday (Jan. 3) on describing all that’s wrong with Clinton. But one of the audience members piped up to say, “You’re going to have to beat Trump to have a shot at Hillary.”

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