This gorgeous series of photos from Vietnam will take 10 years to complete

Most travelers to Vietnam only visit a few cities and areas, but French photographer Réhahn Croquevielle is on a mission to show them what they’re missing. With more than 56 official ethnic groups, each with different traditions and dialects, Vietnam is a sparklingly diverse country, and Réhahn has taken an obsessive approach to recording it.

For his project “Precious Heritage,” Réhahn traveled the country for eight years and met more than 40 different ethnic groups. “I was amazed by the culture, their handmade costumes, their dying processes, different dialects,” he says. “Many of them live in very remote areas which make the trip more exciting.”

But his work is not over yet. “The last [communities] are hard to meet because there are typically fewer than 1000 people, and can live in places that are hard to reach,” he says. “I think I will need 2 more years to finish the project, the book and the exhibition.”

Kids from the Vietnamese ethnic group Co Tu. (Réhahn)
A woman from the ethnic group Co Tu. (Réhahn)
Kids from the ethnic group Dao Den. (Réhahn)
A member of the Lahu ethnic group. (Réhahn)
Hrê people make up the largest ethnic minority in Vietnam. (Réhahn)
A baby from the Hmong ethnic group. (Réhahn)
A Hmong farmer. (Réhahn)
Smoking with a Hmong woman. (Réhahn)
Members of the Cham ethnic group. (Réhahn)
Purple Hands
Hmong woman with indigo dye. (Réhahn)
A young member of the Dao Man ethnic group. (Réhahn)
Indigo dye. (Réhahn)
A Hmong woman. (Réhahn)
A member of the Lo Lo Ha ethnic group. (Réhahn)
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