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TBH it was never much of a beard.

Paul Ryan shaves “Muslim” beard, Instagrams about it

Jenni Avins
By Jenni Avins

senior lifestyle correspondent

Speaker Paul Ryan, like so many of us on social media, is not immune to Instagram-ing his own haircut. In this case, Ryan felt compelled to share the news that he shaved the “beard” he made a big deal about growing in November.

I employ the quotation marks because when Ryan claimed with great ceremony that he was the first Speaker in a century to “sport a beard,” his facial hair was the equivalent of Jon Hamm’s 11am shadow. That didn’t stop conservative haters on Twitter from dubbing Ryan’s whiskers a “Muslim beard,” which actually gave him something to laugh about with Obama.

In reality, Ryan’s facial hair, which was more deer-season-scruff than sleeper-agent-chic, was barely a beard. One Quartz political reporter wondered whether the whiskers’ abbreviated length was due to personal taste or natural limitations. (“Was that the best he could do?”) Perhaps now we’ll never know.

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