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A red alert notice board is placed on the entrance gate of a construction site as the capital city shrouded with smog in Beijing.
AP Photo/Andy Wong
An urgent project is underway in Beijing.

America’s jobs, China’s slog, and global blahs: the 10 most important economic charts of the week

America’s jobs

US payrolls bumped 292,000 ticks higher in December’s exceptionally strong jobs report.

That’s a nice counterbalance to American industrial activity, which has gotten worryingly slow.

China’s slog

The world’s second largest economy is blowing money fast as its currency fades and its economy slows.

A lot is depending on those efforts, like exports in Taiwan …

… and South Korea.

Global blahs

Brazil’s industrial production continues to contract, as its brutal recession lurches on.

Deteriorating internal demand goes a long way to explaining its record trade surplus.

Euro zone retail sales are losing steam.

Likewise, euro zone inflation remains moribund.

Meanwhile, Switzerland spent all of 2015 in deflation.

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