This is what David Bowie’s death looked like to Spotify

In a collective surge of mourning and nostalgia, Spotify users flocked to the streaming music service today, Jan. 11, in search of David Bowie.

By about 1:40 pm ET (6:40 GMT), Spotify was seeing streaming at levels 2,700% from what it considers normal, according to a spokeswoman.

The legendary singer’s death was announced today at 6:30am GMT on his official Facebook page. Streaming during the 7am GMT hour dwarfed the previous day’s totals. According to indexed data provided to Quartz by Spotify, more than five times as many streams of David Bowie music were played between the hours of 7am and 4pm GMT today than during the 48 hours that preceded them.

As of 11:43pm GMT, more than 4 million Spotify listeners had streamed Bowie in the last month—nearly 81,000 of them for the first time today.

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