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Here’s a list and map of all the Walmart store closings in the US

Published Last updated on This article is more than 2 years old.

Walmart is shutting down 269 stores as the company tries to cut costs and focus on e-commerce. More than half of these stores are in the US.

Included among the closures are all 102 locations of Walmart Express, its smallest stores. Express began in 2011 as an experiment with bodega-like Walmarts in spots, mostly urban and rural areas, where the company couldn’t open the sprawling “Supercenters” for which it is best known. But they weren’t successful.

Walmart hasn’t yet disclosed all of its closures outside the US. Here is a map and list of the store closures in the company’s home country:

Store numberTypeAddressClosing date
2173Walmart Express14331 Count Rd. 99, Headland, AL1/28/16
2011Walmart Express18 Apple Way, Ashford, AL1/28/16
2165Walmart Express952 E. Lawrence Harris Hwy, Slocomb, AL1/28/16
2186Walmart Express407 West Washington St., Abbeville, AL1/28/16
2235Walmart Express6361 Hwy 72 East Gurley, AL1/28/16
2260Walmart Express87395 US Hwy 278, Snead, AL1/28/16
3769Walmart Express3530 Cathedral Caverns Hwy, Grant, AL1/28/16
3779Walmart Express10188 Hwy 431 South, New Hope, AL1/28/16
2498Walmart Express720 N Hwy 71, Mansfield, AR1/28/16
2578Walmart Express3500 Mulberry Hwy 64 W, Mulberry, AR1/28/16
2601Walmart Express814 W. Main, Charleston, AR1/28/16
2669Walmart Express1531 E Hwy 64, Coal Hill, AR1/28/16
3819Walmart Express8848 N Hwy 59, Van Buren, AR1/28/16
3878Walmart Express5 Hwy 124 West, Damascus, AR1/28/16
4217Walmart Express154 E Roller, Decatur, AR1/28/16
3032Walmart Express905 S Gentry Blvd, Gentry, AR1/28/16
3033Walmart Express800 1st Ave SE, Gravette, AR1/28/16
3034Walmart Express881 W Buchanan, Prairie Grove, AR1/28/16
3358Walmart Express1113 S.R. 20, Interlachen, FL1/28/16
4265Walmart Express1209 East Wade St., Trenton, FL1/28/16
4267Walmart Express15726 SE Hwy 19 Cross City, FL1/28/16
4228Walmart Express560 S. Broad St., Ellaville, GA1/28/16
4229Walmart Express1041 S US Hwy 1, Alma, GA1/28/16
4234Walmart Express155 West Washington Ave., Ashburn, GA1/28/16
4251Walmart Express398 Barrow Ave SW, Pelham, GA1/28/16
4254Walmart Express907 Marianna Hwy, Donalsonville, GA1/28/16
4261Walmart Express290 Albany Ave. West, Pearson, GA1/28/16
4263Walmart Express142 S. Valdosta Road, Lakeland, GA1/28/16
3065Walmart Express3636 N Broadway St., Chicago, IL1/17/16
3039Walmart Express225 W Chicago Ave., Chicago, IL1/17/16
3369Walmart Express900 East Ross Ave., Clearwater, KS1/28/16
4353Walmart Express505 Housatonic St., Burlington, KS1/28/16
4360Walmart Express705 N High School Ave., Columbus, KS1/28/16
4361Walmart Express1105 East 15th St., Ellsworth, KS1/28/16
4362Walmart Express120 West Rosewood St., Rose Hill, KS1/28/16
4651Walmart Express605 Orchard Drive, Hillsboro, KS1/28/16
3755Walmart Express1445 Old Highway 13, Mamou, LA1/28/16
4634Walmart Express1506 Main St., Colfax, LA1/28/16
3753Walmart Express620 North Hwy 26, Lake Arthur, LA1/28/16
3815Walmart Express501 West Hwy 90, Iowa, LA1/28/16
3839Walmart Express9181 Hwy 67, Clinton, LA1/28/16
3849Walmart Express920 Avenue G, Kentwood, LA1/28/16
3879Walmart Express1495 Obrie St., Zwolle, LA1/28/16
4647Walmart Express515 3rd St., Independence, LA1/28/16
4269Walmart Express224 E Hwy 76, Anderson, MO1/28/16
4270Walmart Express508 N Cliffside Dr., Noel, MO1/28/16
4282Walmart Express33597 State Hwy 112, Seligman, MO1/28/16
4289Walmart Express414 N Elm, Clever, MO1/28/16
3856Walmart Express410 2nd St., Belmont, MS1/28/16
3863Walmart Express2795 Hwy 371 N, Mantachie, MS1/28/16
3865Walmart Express420 E Lee St., Sardis, MS1/28/16
3866Walmart Express28191 Hwy 15, Walnut, MS1/28/16
4294Walmart Express519 W Veterans Ave., Derma, MS1/28/16
4296Walmart Express7104 Will Robbins Hwy, Nettleton, MS1/28/16
3211Walmart Express509 Dr. Donnie H. Jones Blvd W, Princeton, NC1/28/16
3249Walmart Express511 N Mckinley St., Coats, NC1/28/16
5024Walmart Express6043 US Hwy 301 S, Four Oaks, NC1/28/16
3257Walmart Express112 N Main St., Broadway, NC1/28/16
5015Walmart Express908 E. 4th Ave., Red Springs, NC1/28/16
5017Walmart Express7670 Clinton Rd., Stedman, NC1/28/16
7207Walmart Express1400 B Broad St., Oriental, NC1/28/16
5138Walmart Express702 S. Wall St., Benson, NC1/28/16
2500Walmart Express945 Monroe St., Carthage, NC1/28/16
2573Walmart Express303 S. Goldsboro St., Pikeville, NC1/28/16
6997Walmart Express632 W Swannanoa Ave., Liberty, NC1/28/16
3007Walmart Express139 N Hwy 49, Richfield, NC1/17/16
3036Walmart Express1593 NC Hwy 86 N, Yanceyville, NC1/28/16
3037Walmart Express905 SE 2nd St., Snow Hill, NC1/28/16
3080Walmart Express182 NC 102 W, Ayden, NC1/28/16
3121Walmart Express189 Hickory Tree Rd., Midway, NC1/28/16
3756Walmart Express124 E. Columbia St., Okemah, OK1/28/16
4633Walmart Express19250 E Hwy 66, Luther, OK1/28/16
2456Walmart Express2310 West Main, Prague, OK1/28/16
2462Walmart Express1600 West Hwy 66, Stroud, OK1/28/16
3766Walmart Express2324 Seran Drive, Wewoka, OK1/28/16
3767Walmart Express812 N Clarence Nash Blvd., Watonga, OK1/28/16
1250Walmart Express9032 Hwy 14, Gray Court, SC1/28/16
3798Walmart Express7013 S Pine St., Pacolet, SC1/17/16
2375Walmart Express4718 Nashville Hwy, Chapel Hill, TN1/28/16
2413Walmart Express523 N Military St., Loretto, TN1/28/16
4301Walmart Express400 North Main St., Cornersville, TN1/28/16
4306Walmart Express934 Hwy 79, Dover, TN1/28/16
2345Walmart Express721 Dale Evans Drive, Italy, TX1/28/16
2349Walmart Express221 S State Hwy 274, Kemp, TX1/28/16
2363Walmart Express504 W Pine St., Edgewood, TX1/28/16
2364Walmart Express301 Hwy 69 S, Whitewright, TX1/28/16
2410Walmart Express122 Commercial Ave., Anson, TX1/28/16
2461Walmart Express1003 Telephone Cir., Merkel, TX1/28/16
2779Walmart Express5 N 14th St., Haskell, TX1/28/16
2863Walmart Express1010 N Main St., Winters, TX1/28/16
3820Walmart Express501 N Main, Godley, TX1/28/16
3822Walmart Express416 N Third St., Grandview, TX1/28/16
3832Walmart Express420 S US 69, Leonard, TX1/28/16
3834Walmart Express428 N Dallas St., Palmer, TX1/28/16
4312Walmart Express440 E Pine St., Frankston, TX1/28/16
4316Walmart Express1787 US Hwy 259 S, Diana, TX1/28/16
4320Walmart Express1005 Texas Avenue E, Waskom, TX1/28/16
4327Walmart Express870 Taylor St., Hughes Springs, TX1/28/16
4331Walmart Express914 North Main St., Lone Star, TX1/28/16
4338Walmart Express504 WL Doc Dodson, Naples, TX1/28/16
4343Walmart Express12522 Fm 1840, Dekalb, TX1/28/16
4345Walmart Express114 Redwater Boulevard West, Maud, TX1/28/16
2524Walmart5502 Monterey Hwy, San Jose, CA1/28/16
2949Walmart151 E 5th St., Long Beach, CA1/28/16
5457Walmart8400 Edgewater Drive, Oakland, CA1/17/16
2960Walmart4101 Crenshaw Blcd., Los Angeles, CA1/17/16
3507Walmart2701 Port Covington Drive, Baltimore, MD1/17/16
3496Walmart5825 W Hope Ave., Milwaukee, WI1/28/16
3814Supercenter6525 Glacier Hwy, Juneau, AK2/5/16
763Supercenter7201 Aaron Aronov Drive, Fairfield, AL1/28/16
4584Supercenter10400 Highland Rd., Hartland, MI1/28/16
4369Supercenter1010 Martin Luther King Pkwy., Durham, NC1/28/16
2837Supercenter4350 N Nellis Blvd., Las Vegas, NV1/17/16
4342Supercenter22209 Rockside Rd., Bedford, OH1/28/16
2606Supercenter721 US Hwy 321 BYP S Unit, Winnsboro, SC1/28/16
883Supercenter14091 FM 490, Raymondville, TX1/28/16
5493Supercenter7480 Padre Island Hwy, Brownsville, TX1/28/16
5478Supercenter8201 N FM 620, Austin, TX1/28/16
597Supercenter7075 FM 1960 Rd W, Houston, TX1/28/16
3811Supercenter61 Plaza Drive, Kimball, WV1/28/16
5783Neighborhood Market117 Audubon Drive, Maumelle, AR1/17/16
5642Neighborhood Market2408 Lincoln Ave., Altadena, CA1/28/16
5688Neighborhood Market6820 Eastern Ave., Bell Gardens, CA1/28/16
3086Neighborhood Market701 W Cesar E Chavez Ave., Los Angeles, CA1/17/16
5690Neighborhood Market2045 E Highland Ave., San Bernardino, CA1/28/16
4173Neighborhood Market12120 Carson St., Hawaiian Gardens, CA1/28/16
5002Neighborhood Market8196 West Bowles Ave., Littleton, CO1/17/16
3021Neighborhood Market2253 S Monaco Pkwy., Denver, CO1/28/16
2303Neighborhood Market333 N Main St., West Hartford, CT1/28/16
5856Neighborhood Market601 N West St. STE 100, Wichita, KS1/28/16
5860Neighborhood Market9831 E Harry St., Wichita, KS1/28/16
5873Neighborhood Market4794 E 13th, Wichita, KS1/28/16
3097Neighborhood Market8235 SW Apple Way, Portland, OR1/17/16
5995Neighborhood Market17711 Jean Way, Lake Oswego, OR1/28/16
3306Neighborhood Market1220 Gallatin Ave., Nashville, TN1/28/16
3171Neighborhood Market2218 Greenville Ave., Dallas, TX1/28/16
3451Neighborhood Market2740 Gessner Rd., Houston, TX1/28/16
5985Neighborhood Market2201 West Southlake Blvd., Southlake, TX1/28/16
4126Neighborhood Market1901 S. Texas Ave., Bryan, TX1/28/16
5986Neighborhood Market4268 Legacy Drive, Frisco, TX1/17/16
3030Neighborhood Market3850 N 124th St., Wauwatosa, WI1/28/16
3031Neighborhood MarketN88W15559 Main St., Menomonee Falls, WI1/28/16
5698Neighborhood MarketS14W22605 Coral Drive, Waukesha, WI1/28/16
4903Sam’s Club941 Grinnell St., Fall River, MA1/28/16
6648Sam’s Club1110 Fall River Ave., Seekonk, MA1/28/16
6665Sam’s Club495 Summit Drive, Waterford, MI1/28/16
6681Sam’s Club25 Pace Blvd., Warwick, RI1/28/16

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