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Phil Roeder/Flickr, CC-BY-2.0
Get a selfie stick.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art confirms: The selfie really is a form of art

By Kate Groetzinger

If it’s good enough for Goya, it’s good enough for you.

Before camera phones were ubiquitous, there was another name for a selfie—a “self portrait”. As the so-titled works by Goya, Gordon Coster, Anthony van Dyck and Edgar Degas below show, sometimes you are your own best subject. 

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has compiled a droll selection of old-fashioned “selfies” from its collection in honor of international #museumselfie day, a hashtag campaign today that encourages museum-goers to incorporate themselves as subjects in pictures with the art.

See the entire catalog here and a few of our favorites below.

Image by Phil Roeder on Flickr.