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No one, it seems, appreciates a blizzard quite like a giant panda. Tian Tian, who lives at the National Zoo in Washington D.C. was filmed this morning rolling about, tossing snow in the air and, at one point, biting his own foot in glee.

The 18-year-old panda has experienced many snowy winters before, and clearly didn’t mind that the blizzard has closed the zoo to visitors today. But for panda cub Bei Bei, who was born last August, Storm Jonas was his introduction to snow. He was far more apprehensive and, according to the zoo’s Instagram post, quickly retreated indoors.

Giant pandas are from China and the 2000 remaining in the wild are largely confined to the Qin Mountains in Shaanxi Province, and the Min Mountains in Sichuan and Gansu provinces—both regions that experience snow. The creatures are well equipped to deal with the cold weather, thanks to their thick fur coats.

And while they’re pretty cute in normal circumstances, pandas plus snow are absolutely freaking adorable.