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Reuters / Yves Herman
The all-day breakfast dream keeps getting better.

The delicious next step in McDonald’s all-day breakfast

Alison Griswold
By Alison Griswold


The dream of McDonald’s all-day breakfast is real, and it keeps getting better. Starting Feb. 1, McDonald’s will introduce the syrupy-sweet McGriddles as well as biscuit sandwiches to its all-day menu at 72 restaurants in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the AP reports. The company plans to test the expanded menu for two to three months, but told the AP it’s “too premature to talk about next steps.”

For the uninitiated, the McGriddles is a breakfast sandwich that trades the traditional English muffin for maple-flavored griddle cakes. McDonald’s serves it up with bacon, egg, and cheese; sausage, egg, and cheese; or, for purists, just sausage. The McGriddles are so popular that when all-day breakfast rolled out nationwide last October, customers were outraged to see them missing from the menu.

McDonald’s has hesitated to overly complicate its menu, which may explain why it will take the McGriddles test slowly. At the same time, the company must be eager to wring more success from its all-day breakfast operation. After years of lackluster business, McDonald’s last week reported its best US same-stores sales in four years and called all-day breakfast the “primary driver.” Maybe the McGriddles is just what McDonald’s needs to keep that breakfast fix going.

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