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Reuters/Jessica Rinaldi
“He’s a blue-collar guy with a big balance sheet.”

“A billionaire who’s an ordinary American”—Donald Trump Jr.’s last-minute pitch for his dad

By Jake Flanagin

As the caucuses began in Iowa, Donald Trump Jr., son of the leading contender for the Republican presidential nomination, made a last-minute pitch for his father’s candidacy.

Speaking at a caucus in West Des Moine, as reported by Mashable’s Cameron Joseph, Trump Jr. made a plaintive appeal to his father’s “blue collar” personality.

“While he may be the billionaire from New York… I think I can say he’s much more of a blue-collar guy,” he said to caucus-goers at the St. Francis of Assisi church. “He’s a blue-collar guy with a big balance sheet. He’s a real, ordinary American and he’s sick of what’s happening in this country.”