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Reuters/Ralph Orlowski
A real head case.

The massive, disembodied head of Donald Trump made a guest appearance at a German parade

By Jake Flanagin

Germans took to the streets on Monday, Feb. 8, to celebrate Rosenmontag, or “Rose Monday”—a Mardis Gras-like holiday celebrated on the Monday before the beginning of Lent. Rosenmontag is famous for its Karnevalen, or street carnivals, many of which often include parades with elaborate floats.

This year, the Rosenmontag parade in Dusseldorf featured a very special, very topical float: an enormous, papier mâché replica of US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s head. The effigy is bedecked with a black eye, symbolizing Trump’s recent defeat in the Iowa caucus.

He appears to be screaming at a smaller replica of the Statue of Liberty, who is pulling a face in jest. Across an expert recreation of the candidate’s world-famous coif are the words, “Make Fascism Great Again”—a reference to Trump’s slogan and xenophobic politics—in a country that knows from fascism.