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Marco Rubio’s “morning in America” ad opens with a shot of the wrong country

Reuters/Chris Keane
It’s always morning somewhere.
  • Jake Flanagin
By Jake Flanagin


Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

“It’s morning again in America,” a narrator declares at the beginning of Marco Rubio’s latest campaign ad. Well, in North America at least—the ad opens on a shot of a tugboat chugging across the harbor in Vancouver, Canada.

BuzzFeed News’s Megan Apper spotted the city’s Harbour Centre Lookout Tower in the stock footage, as well as a Canadian flag at the stern of the boat. Here’s a closeup:

Marco Rubio for President / Quartz
To be fair, it is in the same time zone.

“Ha! Nice catch by Buzzfeed—we hadn’t noticed that,” a spokesman for Rubio’s campaign told the site. “We are not going to make Canada an issue this election.”

This isn’t the first time candidates have unintentionally brought a little international flair to their campaign videos. An ad produced by Donald Trump’s campaign used footage of migrants streaming across the Spanish-Moroccan border to depict Mexican immigration into the United States.

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