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Watch: A brief history of Bill Gates being funny in videos

AP Photo/Ted S. Warren
A sexy and good looking leader who just doesn’t believe in paying more than $7 for a haircut.
  • Annalisa Merelli
By Annalisa Merelli

Senior reporter based in New York City

Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

Bill and Melinda Gates went on NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Feb. 24 to promote their annual letter about global concerns. Because they want a lot of people to read it, they did what any smart, technologically savvy couple would do and created a viral video to promote it.

In the video, which aired on Fallon’s show, they DJ, dance, and get a crowd of millennials excited about their URL,

It’s a pretty funny video, and not at all out of character for the Microsoft co-founder, who has starred in other spoofs over the years—including several presented during Microsoft conferences.

Like that time Bill Gates and former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer danced to What is Love by Haddaway:

The two also enjoyed a fun playday set to The Pointer Sisters’ I’m so Excited:

One year they re-enacted Austin Powers, which was not bad at all:

Perhaps the best production was Gates’ star-studded “last day at Microsoft” video, chronicling his preparations for post-Microsoft life. (Extra points for NBC News’ Brian Williams describing Gates as a “brilliant, powerful, let’s face it, sexy and good looking leader of men and women who just doesn’t believe in paying more than $7 for a haircut.”

Although in all frankness, Gates might never again live up to his chair-jump classic:

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