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AP Photo/Pat Sullivan
Marco Rubio—part of only 6% of Republican voters.

Marco Rubio says the Republican party—89% white—is “the party of diversity”

By Jake Flanagin

During the CNN/Telemundo debate on Feb. 25, Florida senator Marco Rubio proclaimed the Republican party “the party of diversity.”

With two Cuban Americans (Rubio and Ted Cruz) and one African American (Ben Carson) on the stage, “We are the party of diversity, not the Democrats,” he declared.

But as Slate’s Jamelle Bouie noted on Twitter, the numbers don’t add up. Roughly only 11% of the GOP is made up of minority voters, while 30% of independent and 40% of Democrats identify as racial minorities, according to the latest Gallup nationwide poll.

Republicans Independents Democrats
Non-Hispanic white 89% 70% 60%
Non-Hispanic black 2% 8% 22%
Hispanic 6% 16% 13%
Asian 1% 3% 2%
Other 1% 1% 1%
Undesignated 1% 2% 2%