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For sale: 80 homes, fire station, swimming pool, and sports center. Price: $1 million

Flickr/Tim Parkinson, CC BY 2.0
Do I hear $1 million?
  • Thu-Huong Ha
By Thu-Huong Ha


Published This article is more than 2 years old.

If you’re in the market for a house, consider beautiful tree-lined Sugar Grove Station. Your new home comes fully equipped with a large playground, swimming pool, basketball court, and 79 other houses.

The US government is selling off a huge plot of land—about 123 acres—in Pendleton County, West Virginia, and it comes pre-furnished, with 80 single-family homes, a community center, and a fire station.

Bids for the ghost town start at $1 million. That’s chump change considering that last fall, West Virginia put the value of the facility at about $200 million.

The General Services Administration, which is selling the house, says the community is “ideal for a corporate training center, a university or academic campus, a spa/clinic, movie studio, or mountain resort.”

The previous tenants were famous, but not known for their friendliness. Until the site closed in Sept. 2015, it was a naval base and home to the National Security Agency. Before the NSA relocated, about 115 people were still employed at the site, local TV station WHSV reported.

The auction opened on Feb. 9 and so far has no bidders or end date. If you’re the lucky winner, take pride—your new digs just narrowly missed being home to 600 female prison inmates. Happy hunting!

Image by Tim Parkinson on Flickr, under CC BY 2.0.

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