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Six Google products that actually, inexplicably still exist

Google Rube Goldberg artwork
A Google Rube Goldberg Machine makes more sense than some of its actual products.
By Arielle Duhaime-Ross
Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

With Google Reader’s impending demise driving journalists, geeks and Iranians just a little bit crazy, it’s worth noting that Google has many other, much more obscure products that it still offers.

1. Panoramio

This photo-sharing product lets users upload pictures onto the Panoramio website, where they can be layered onto Google Maps and Google Earth, letting people learn just a little bit more about the areas they check out remotely.

2. Google Bookmarks

Google describes this particular gem as a tool that let’s you “use web history to find the sites you visit frequently and bookmark your favorites.” It’s hard to find anyone who uses it.

3. Google Blog Search

If you wish you could limit your Google searches to blogging content alone, this one is for you. Google Blog Search only shows results from blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress, and LiveJournal.  However, Google plans on shutting it down in May of 2014, so enjoy it while you can!

4. Speak2Tweet

Developed during the 2011 Egyption revolution, this Google-owned Twitter account connects to a phone number that, when dialed, lets you record a voice message. The recording is then tweeted to the rest of the world.

5. Zygote Body

Fire up Zygote Body, and you’ll see a Sims-like character appear, but scroll down on the navigation bar and the character slowly turns into an anatomical jawbreaker. Originally called Google Body, the website lets you discover the inner workings of the human body as layers of skin, muscle, bone, and organs slowly melt away.

6. Google Building Maker

This web application lets users construct the 3D buildings in Google Earth.  But if you want to contribute to the mapping endeavor, you should do it now. Google is nixing Building Maker this June.

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