Photos: Science captured as beautiful works of art

Science and art are much closer than most people think. Every year, the world’s biggest charity for biomedical research, the Wellcome Trust, awards those who can visually display science as art.

Here is a list of Quartz’s favorite images from the 2016 winners of the Wellcome Image Awards.

The inanimate meets the animate

B0010365 Nanographene oxide interacting with bacte
Nanographene oxide interacting with bacteria. (Izzat Suffian, Kuo-Ching Mei, Houmam Kafa & Khuloud T. Al-Jamal)

Butterfly beauty

B0010393 Swallowtail butterfly (Papilio)
A close-up of the head of a swallowtail butterfly. (Daniel Saftner, Macroscopic Solutions)

The sunset moth

B0010424 Madagascan sunset moth (Chrysiridia rhiph
A close-up look at scales on a Madagascan sunset moth. (Mark R Smith, Macroscopic Solutions)

Sorry for the cold hand

N0037151 Raynaud's Phenomenon
This picture shows the temperature of two people’s hands. The hand on the left is from a healthy person and is much hotter than the hand on the right, which is from someone with Raynaud’s disease. (Matthew Clavey, Thermal Vision Research)

Stem cells in action

B0010265 Asymmetric cell division in a live zebraf
This circle of pictures shows different stages of a stem cell splitting in two inside the brain of a zebrafish before it hatches. (Paula Alexandre, UCL)

Allergic reaction

N0037715 P-phenylenediamine reaction from a henna
This girl has blisters on her arm because she is allergic to the Henna dye. The blisters will heal but they may leave marks on her skin. (Nicola Kelley, Cardiff and Vale University Hospital NHS Trust)

Cow’s heart

A0001382 Adult cow heart
A preserved heart from a cow. It is 27 cm from top to bottom and is about four times the size of a human heart. (Michael Frank, Royal Veterinary College)

You can see the other winning entries in the Wellcome Image Awards here.

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