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After her Tuesday sweep, Hillary Clinton’s critics say she’s too shouty and not smiley enough

Reuters/Carlos Barria
That’s better.
By Heather Timmons
Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had a banner night yesterday (March 15), decisively winning in Florida, North Carolina, and Ohio—wins that make it increasingly difficult for rival Bernie Sanders to catch up and secure the number of delegates needed for the nomination.

In a speech late Tuesday in Palm Beach, Florida, she spoke about student debt, infrastructure, retirement benefits, manufacturing jobs, torture, inequality, and LGBT rights, among other things.

Rather than address the content of the speech, one male news anchor issued a request most women commonly associate with street harassment:

Fox News anchors and commentators, male and female, made her voice, rather than the content of the speech, the subject of their analysis later in the evening:

“Or dear God in heaven, the voice, make it stop. Ugh,” a male Fox commentator said. A female panelist jumped in, saying she wanted to defend the criticism of Clinton, because men who criticize her are accused of being “sexist.” She said:

I actually find the tone of her voice, like, I think it is, like, so aggressive and so loud, like, just make a normal speech. Just make a stump speech. It’s great. Why are you screaming, so much? [Try] the way I am speaking now? Maybe, a little higher in a big room?

Other Fox News anchors had opinions on her voice as well, which they expressed on Twitter:

Media Matters, the media watchdog, declared right-wing media coverage after the speech a “sexist obsession.”

And some folks, women as well as men, seemed as if they had enough:

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