Chinese state media welcomes Xi Jinping with a 32-image slideshow of missiles

When Xi Jinping formally took over as China’s head of state on March 14, he also became chief of the country’s top military body, the Central Military Commission. Today Xinhua, the official mouthpiece of the Chinese government, published a 32-image slideshow lauding the progress of China’s Second Artillery Force (SAF) of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). The SAF is in charge of most of the country’s conventional, nuclear, and cruise missiles.

The timing of the photos may be incidental, but it comes a few months after Xi publicly called on the PLA to build a powerful missile force. It also comes at a time when Xi wants to appeal to the PLA, believed by some analysts to be another informal faction in China. As soon as Xi can exert influence over the PLA and its heads, he will be one step closer to consolidating the power needed to effectively govern.

Moreover, the upgrading of the SAF is one of the most important aspects of the modernization of China’s military, writes Andrew Erickson, an associate professor at the US Naval War College. Since the 1990s, China has gone from having just limited nuclear ballistic missile capability to having one of the world’s most impressive missile programs that includes nuclear, conventional as well as land attack cruise missiles, according to Erickson. Here a few of the photos, some of which are wonderfully vintage, from Xinhua’s full series:

Second Artillery Force of the PLA
The troops of the Second Artillery Force of the PLA. (Xinhua)
blastoff of China missile
A Dongfeng-15 missile launch. During the Taiwan strait crisis in 1995-96, China launched several of these missiles, capable of traveling 600 km, as a show of intimidation. (Xinhua)
Jiang Zemin and others look at missile model
Chinese leaders including former head Jiang Zemin (far left) look at a model for the Dongfeng-11 missile, a short-range ballistic missile designed in the 1970s. (Xinhua)
Conventional missile troops power displays
The Dongfeng-11 in action. (Xinhua)
A ground to ground missile in 1979.
The Dongfeng-11 missile in 1979. (Xinhua)
recent conventional missile photo
Troops prepare a Dongfeng-11 missile launch. (Xinhua)
China medium range conventional ballisic missile
A vehicle carries the Dongfeng-21, a medium-range conventional ballistic missile. (Xinhua)

Missile against mountain backdrop

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