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Why one place voted for Trump more than any other place, anywhere, ever

  • Adam Freelander
By Adam Freelander

Senior Video Producer

Published Last updated on This article is more than 2 years old.

Donald Trump won big in New York’s presidential primary last night, with 60% of Republican votes and almost every single delegate. But in one particular county, he blew the competition out of the water: Staten Island. At 82% of the vote, it was his best result in any county, anywhere, ever.

But why Staten Island? Why would the candidate who’s from Queens, and most associated with Manhattan (where he lost), do the best in New York City’s least populous county?

Before the primary, Quartz talked to Republican voters in Staten Island. In the video above, they share their thinking, and offer insights that help explain why Trump’s so popular with a certain slice of Republican voters.

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