Photos: The beautiful birds that may soon be lost to climate change

The winner of this year’s photography contest held by the National Audubon Society have been announced. More than half the species in the winning and honors list are considered threatened or endangered by the effects of climate change. The fact that every month this year has been the hottest on record does not bode well for these birds.

We have selected a handful of the best photographs from the contest. Let us appreciate their beauty before many of them are lost forever.

Piping Plover

Martin V Sneary_Amateur_APA
(Martin V. Sneary/Audubon Photography Awards)

Eared Grebe

Steve Torna_Amateur_APA
(Steve Torna/Audubon Photography Awards)

Wood Stork

(Richard Johnson/Audubon Photography Awards)

Least Tern

(Jim Verhagen/Audubon Photography Awards)

Wilson’s Plover

(Gail Bisson/Audubon Photography Awards)

Common Raven

Colleen Gara_Amateur_APA
(Colleen Gara/Audubon Photography Awards)

Crested Caracara

(Jerry Black/Audubon Photography Awards)
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