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Screen Shot via 7 News
Migrants arrive at Miami Beach.

A boat full of migrants just landed in Miami Beach

Annalisa Merelli
By Annalisa Merelli

Geopolitics reporter

A boat carrying six Cuban migrants reached Miami Beach, Florida, this morning (Apr. 25), according to local news outlets.

The video shows the migrants were met by what looks to be a small crowd of beach goers and police.

According to the police, a small boat arrived in the recreational area of South Pointe Park around 10:30 am after being at sea for 11 days.

NBC Miami confirmed the report, saying the men were in good health and would be processed by Miami Beach police and then handed over to US Customs and Border Protection officers.

Less than a month ago, 26 Cuban migrants reached Miami’s shore after seven of them were shot at sea, including a pregnant woman, allegedly by criminals trying to steal their makeshift raft.

The number of Cuban migrants traveling by boat to Florida pales in comparison to the many hundreds of thousands who reached the coasts of Greece, Italy and Spain from Africa and the Middle East in 2015. But they are still part of the global migrant crisis that’s been escalating in the past few years.


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