How to listen to all of “Lemonade” for free, for the next month

Beyoncé’s Lemonade is available for streaming only on Jay Z’s subscription music service Tidal—a fact that’s made Spotify, as well as many fans, pretty unhappy.

While Tidal does come with a free trial period, if you’re reluctant to sign up for the service, you can still listen to Lemonade for free, courtesy of Britain’s BBC, here.

DJ Annie Mac streamed the album in its entirety for a “listening party” this week on her BBC Radio 1 show, and the tracks—which begin playing around the 1:02:40 mark—will stay up on the BBC’s iPlayer for the next 27 days. Like a lot of the BBC’s license fee-funded radio, at this time the playback seems to work for listeners outside of the UK.

Lemonade is also available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon, if you’re part of the rare breed of listener that still prefers to buy and own music.

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