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You can now crowdfund your divorce

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Published This article is more than 2 years old.

A crowdfunding site has added a new category to its roster of fundraising options: divorce.

Plumfund, an online fundraising platform created by couple Sara and Josh Margulis (who first set up honeymoon registry Honeyfund in 2006), has recently added ‘Divorce’ as one of its sections. The thinking is to let people going through a divorce, or their family and friends, use the platform to raise money for various expenses, be they legal or custody fees or new furniture costs.

“A divorce is one of the biggest life changes involving costly legal fees, setting up a new household, even unexpected costs like when the divorce is contested,” the website reads.

“I recently set up a Plumfund for a close friend who was left financially depleted after going through a bitter divorce and drawn-out custody battle. It was truly inspiring to see those closest to my friend come to her aid,” Sara told Quartz in an email.

“Because divorce is considered such a shaming time in life, it’s a time when people tend to draw in and not really ask for help,” Sara told Fortune in a separate interview. “This is a way for someone close to a divorcée to say, ‘We’re going to rally around you and support you.’ It doesn’t have to be taboo.”

Accurate statistics on divorce rates in the United States have long been contested, but Plumfund’s new venture—which the founders claim has 114 divorce registries since launching in March—is an addition to a growing dialogue around the parting of ways. Divorce party planning has emerged as a business of its own in recent years, and some parting couples are marking their trip to the courthouse with selfies.

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