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There’s chocolate, and there’s Lindt Chocolate. CEO Ernst Tanner is building growth by following a simple plan: quality

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After weaving its magic on civilizations around the world for at least 3000 years, chocolate has found its natural home in Switzerland, alongside the world’s most revered timepieces. Of the CHF 1.7 billions’ worth of fine chocolate that’s blended within its borders every year, the Swiss themselves consume more than half.

Ask anyone to name a Swiss chocolate brand and there’s a better than even chance they’ll say “Lindt.” Headquartered in Kilchberg, a tiny municipality in the Zurich canton, Lindt has been famed for consistent excellence since its startup as a modest father and son operation in 1845. Uncompromising craftsmanship has been the key to the success of Lindt. Only the finest ingredients and processes are used.

The relationship of Lindt and Sprtingli with Credit Suisse began in the bank’s own foundation year of 1856 and has continued unbroken to this day. Since taking over in 1993, Lindt & Sprtingli Group’s CEO Ernst Tanner has overseen a period of consistent growth, with production, distribution, and sales subsidiaries now established worldwide, and Lindt’s famous “Lindor” truffles selling in more than 100 countries.

The company’s signature product, a series of chocolate animals, began with the chocolate “Gold Bunny” created to please the son of a LindtMaster Chocolatier who had seen a real baby rabbit in the garden. The popularity of the “Gold Bunny” encouraged Lindt to continue the animal theme with a festive chocolate “Gold Reindeer,” finally with the new Lindt chocolate bear.

Working with Credit Suisse, Ernst Tanner is confident that the latest creation of the LindtMaster Chocolatiers, the Lindt chocolate bear, will take the company still further along the sweet path of success.

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