A Google recruiter sent this hilarious email using the exact skills listed on someone’s LinkedIn profile

The Office
The Office

Recruitment emails from big companies are notoriously impersonal and packed to the gills with corporate marketing-speak.

So Paul Fenwick, a programmer in Melbourne, Australia, was surprised to receive a message last summer from “People Operations” at Google that sounded remarkably human, even funny.

According to tweets from Fenwick, the recruiter appealed to his listed interests on LinkedIn, including his love of Nyan Cat costumes and telling people they’re wrong.

Fenwick tweeted that, since recruiters on LinkedIn are often so lame, he had ignored the message until recently.

It seems Weston Fillman, the Google recruiter, has thoroughly read the rules and still won’t give up:

He writes to Quartz: “I sent [the email] to Paul in a creative effort to get in touch and play off his apparent sense of humor which was found on his LinkedIn profile. It took him almost a year to respond, but I’m glad he did.”

This story was updated with comment from Weston Fillman and to reflect that Paul Fenwick still identifies with “dressing as NyanCat” on LinkedIn.

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