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Vegan mayo king Hampton Creek is betting big on vegan “scrambled eggs”

AP Photo/Jeff Chiu
Let the condiment games begin.
By Chase Purdy
Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

The man who disrupted commercial mayonnaise is about to march even further into the newfangled food world. Josh Tetrick, the CEO and founder of eggless mayo company Hampton Creek, plans this year to introduce Just Scramble, a vegan option for scrambled egg lovers.

As Tetrick described to Forbes, Just Scramble is just one of about 500 new products Hampton Creek plans to unveil in the next several years, part of an ambitious five-year plan to become a major player on the ‘good’ food scene. In addition to vegan mayonnaise, the San Francisco-based company already offers vegan cookie dough, salad dressings and pancake mix.

Hampton Creek has been a big driver of the nascent food tech and plant-based food industry, fueled by notions of environmentally sustainable foods and animal welfare.

So far people are into it—and not just the hemp-loving vegans who frequent health food stores and Whole Foods. Its signature eggless mayonnaise is now sold in more than 18,000 retail outlets, including Walmart.

The company has also managed to fend off the lobbying powers of industry titans such as Unilever (owner of mayonnaise brand Hellmann’s) and the American Egg Board. In December 2015, the US Food and Drug Administration decided it was permissible for Hampton Creek to market its product as mayonnaise with some labeling tweaks, even though it’s not made with a traditional egg-based recipe.

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