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Photos: A massive trash fire is raging in central Spain

EPA/Israel Herrero
Photos capture plumes of smoke caused by a raging fire at a tire dump in Toledo, Spain.
  • Caitlin Hu
By Caitlin Hu

Geopolitics Editor

Published This article is more than 2 years old.

A massive fire is raging through a trash pile of over 100,000 tons of tires in central Spain today, May 13. The result—in addition to heavy local air pollution—is a spectacular set of pictures that illustrate the terrifying power humans gained when we first figured out how to make sparks.

Local authorities believe the fire was deliberately started by arsonists early this morning local time in a tire dump in the town of Sesena. Toxic clouds from the inferno produced black skies for residents of nearby cities Toledo and Madrid, and were reportedly visible from at least 30 kilometers away.

EPA/Israel Herrero
Flames rage at the tire dump in the town of Sesena in Toledo province, located in southern Spain.
EPA/Israel Herrero
A helicopter tries to extinguish the flames at Sesena.
A helicopter prepares to throws water over the fire.
A fire rages at the Sesena dump.
EPA/Israel Herrero
Billowing smoke from the Sesena fire is seen from a distance.
EPA/Ismael Herrero
Black smoke rises in the sky over the housing area ‘El Quinon’ in Toledo, Spain.
EPA/Ismael Herrero
An emergency aircraft flies through the smoke.

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