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Help wanted: Record label seeks intern to trawl the web looking for illegal music

By Amy X. Wang

Just how does a record company issue all those takedown notices to file-sharing services sharing its music illegally? Interns.

Sony Music, one of the three biggest record labels in the world alongside Universal Music and Warner Music, is seeking an “anti-piracy summer associate” currently enrolled in college, according to a job listing posted yesterday (May 31). The individual will take on the following responsibilities within Sony’s global digital business team in New York:

  • “research and gather evidence on infringing digital platforms;
  • “summarize latest anti-piracy developments within the music business;
  • “aid in takedown and other rights enforcement efforts.”

Sony specifies that appropriate candidates must “be familiar with popular music applications,” suggesting a portion of the work will likely be focused on mainstream streaming platforms, perhaps including YouTube—the focus of much industry ire.

Warner and Universal did not immediately respond to inquiries as to whether they’re hiring for similar positions this summer. The Recording Industry Association of America also has an open anti-piracy job listing right now, but for a full-time developer position.

A recent report from the European Union highlighted just how much money piracy sucks out of the music industry, not only from artists, but from other players like local governments. Eager-eyed college students certainly have their work cut out for them.