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How to watch the nail-biting Brexit votes roll in live

Reuters/Toby Melville
These gents want to leave.
Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

Brexit is upon us. Voters in Britain have gone to the polls, and while the final results are expected between 5am and 7am this morning (June 24) local time in Britain, both the BBC and ITV News have called the outcome as a “leave” victory.

For live coverage of the results from the 382 constituencies in the UK online, we recommend:

The Times of London has a live coverage page with regional breakdowns of the voting, both in individual charts and, further down, an interactive map.

BBC has a live page with the latest developments, and another with the results in full (the page updates automatically).

Buzzfeed has a live coverage page with an interactive map showing how votes are breaking down in individual areas. 

The Guardian has a live coverage page.

The Wall Street Journal has a live coverage page.

You can also watch Sky News live in some countries.

The Electoral Commission will publish the full results on this page, along with a full dataset of the results for download.

Need some background? Here’s a Quartz Brexit summary of what it’s all about.

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