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Photos: Gutted stockbrokers around the world watch markets tank after the Brexit vote

A trader from BGC, a global brokerage in London, reacts to the opening of European markets.
This cannot be real. (Reuters/Russell Boyce)
By Selina Cheng
Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

The Brexit vote has led Britain’s prime minister, David Cameron to call it quits, politicians to call for the reunification of Ireland and independence for Scotland—and even Londoners to petition their new mayor for a vote on independence from the rest of England.

Brexit is breaking apart more than Europe and Britain’s territories, though.  In the immediate aftermath, the world’s markets in currencies, stocks, and commodities are getting pummeled, forcing traders and investors to absorb the shockwaves.

Please baby, come back. (Reuters/Russell Boyce)
Politician Nigel Farage, who led Britain’s “leave” campaign, is seen on TV as traders work their phone in London. (Reuters/Russell Boyce)
This BGC trader should have bet against the markets. (Reuters/Russell Boyce)
A man watches the Warsaw Stock Exchange indices board in Poland on June 24. The biggest WSE indices dropped by almost 10% at the start of the day’s session. (EPA/Radek Pietruszka)
Ouch. (Reuters/Russell Boyce)
A British expat watches the nation’s currency fall live on his laptop computer in Hong Kong, China, as the Brexit results come in. (EPA/Alex Hofford)
A woman watches the Brexit vote in The Churchill Tavern in Manhattan, NY. On the laptop at her side is a chart of the British pound plunging. (Reuters/Andrew Kelly)
Down, down, down. A man gestures in front of a stock trading screen on the wall of the Bombay Stock Exchange building in Mumbai, India. (Reuters/Danish Siddiqui)
Time for a drink maybe? (Reuters/Russell Boyce)

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