Photos: Police react to LGBT Pride parades on the same day in Istanbul and New York

Parades in honor of LGBT pride took place in both New York City and Istanbul this weekend, but participants were received in starkly different ways by local authorities.

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In New York on Sunday, June 26, some 20,000 people took to the streets under the protection of a record police presence, after a horrific shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, earlier this month. Thousands of uniformed or plain clothes officers and counterterrorism units patrolled the streets, and city mayor Bill de Blasio vowed to protect LGBT communities from copycat attacks.

The same day in Istanbul, police fired rubber bullets, tear gas and water cannon at the several hundred people gathered in Taksim Square. The city government had banned the solidarity event due to security concerns, and at least 19 Pride participants were detained for taking to the street, reports the Associated Press. Istanbul’s parade, which began in 2003 and was once attended by hundreds of thousands, was banned for the first time last year.

The US is still far from a safe haven for LGBT communities, as hate crimes like the Orlando shooting and a chilling attempted attack on this year’s parade in Los Angeles make painfully clear. But the contrasting images below offer a striking reminder of how differently local governments react to threats to their LGBT communities—and what it looks like when the solution is to shut Pride down, instead of joining in.

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A very different kind of embrace. Above: New York Pride Parade (AP/Seth Wenig). Below: Istanbul Pride Parade (EPA/Sedat Suna).
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Make love, not war. Above: New York Pride Parade (Reuters/Eduardo Munoz). Below: Istanbul Pride Parade (Reuters/Murad Sezer).
LGBT Diptex 7_colorcorrected
Rainbow flags and tear gas. Above: New York Pride Parade (Reuters/Brendan McDermid). Below: Istanbul Pride Parade (EPA/Sedat Suna).
LGBT Diptex 3_colorcorrected
Above: New York Pride Parade (AP/Seth Wenig). Below: Istanbul Pride Parade on June 19 (Reuters/Osman Orsal)

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