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Snapchat went down and kids were freaking out

Reuters/Eric Thayer
This is about all you’ll see right now.
Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

Snapchat, the ethereal messaging app valued at about $20 billion, went down for about 45 minutes a little before 12pm ET today, according to internet traffic monitors. As with many other social networks and internet services, users have taken to Twitter to voice their frustrations with the popular app being down. Many are concerned that their streaks—the little number that Snapchat puts next to friends that have snapped back and forth with each other—are going to be broken.

Although the app was down for less than an hour, hundreds of people posted to Twitter, complaining about the dropped service. Here are just a few of the reactions that poured, as if Generation Z had just experienced their own personal Brexit:

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