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Photos: Animals and people are swept away by floods wreaking havoc in China

A man cries in a flooded farm in Anhui. The pigs cannot be moved away due to environmental regulations.
Published This article is more than 2 years old.

Cities and villages in central and southern China have been flooded since June 19. Torrential downpours have inundated 11 provinces, killing nearly 130 people in the past week, with 1.9 million hectares (about 4.7 million acres) of crops damaged. Forty-two people are missing, according to Reuters, which quoted from Chinese state media.

The province of Anhui has been particularly hard-hit, where farmers’ livelihoods were swept away with 7,100 hogs drowned in the flooding. 

Shucheng, Anhui Province, China, July 3 (Reuters).
Sad puppy in Shucheng county, Anhui province, July 3 (Reuters).
Rongjiang, Guizhou Province, July 2 (Reuters).
A man pushes a tub carrying children as he gets them back home after school at a flooded area in Duchang, Jiangxi Province, June 27 (Reuters).
Water shuttle in Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province, June 19 (China Daily via Reuters).
Desperate attempt. Hanjiang River in Wuhan, Hubei province. (EPA/Mei Xin)
An aerial view of the flooded town after a dyke along Bingtian River broke in Poyang county in Jiangxi province, June 21. About 13,000 villagers have been evacuated in the county. (EPA/Hu Gu)

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