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This is the bizarre Melania Trump video you should really watch tonight

This gets strange…
Published This article is more than 2 years old.

We all agree the internet is weird, right? OK. Well, a video editor named Vic Berger, who produces videos under the name Super Deluxe, has edited one of Melania Trump’s few public speeches to date into, well. I’m not sure how to describe it, honestly.

Back in April, Melania gave an approximately 90 second speech at a rally in Wisconsin. The Slovenian immigrant, a former model, offered a clear, if brief, defense of what she sees as her husband’s positive attributes.

It’s from a corner of the internet I usually just stay away from. It’s not mean or unsafe for work, it’s just exceedingly weird and maybe a little creepy. Like David Lynch and Weird Al Yankovic had a baby. And that baby grew up and had a baby with an airhorn. And that baby started dating the ice bucket challenge. It’s just…

Here, watch it for yourself:

As bizarre as Berger’s video is, it captures something essential about the presidential race, America in the year 2016, Donald Trump, Melania Trump, the internet, the world at large, technology, dystopia, nihilism, and, well… you tell me what else it captures at

Melania Trump will be speaking in just a little while at the RNC. Donald Trump, in an unusual move, will take to the stage tonight to introduce her. We’ll learn a little bit more about the reclusive, possible future First Lady of the United States. But I guarantee nothing on the stage on Cleveland tonight will look or feel anything like this.

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