Finally, luggage that you can ride through the airport

Why run for your flight when you can ride your luggage to the gate?

Meet Modobag. College buddies and founders Kevin O’Donnell and Boyd Bruner bill their brainchild as the “world’s first, motorized, rideable luggage.” They’re taking pre-orders now and by next January, you could be the laziest person at the airport for an early bird special of $995.

Modobag boasts a cushioned seat, a top speed of 8 miles-per-hour, and lithium batteries that last for 6 miles, based on a 180-pound commuter. (It is not clear if the battery drains faster in the bumper-to-bumper people traffic of airport security lines.)

The bag also features quick-release foot pedals, a “steering column” as if that weren’t enough, a USB port to charge your phone.

But the scooter-bag is still in development, and there are some potential obstacles ahead. Although Modobag says the bags are compliant with standards of the Transportation Security Administration and the Federal Aviation Administration, several airlines have banned hoverboards and motorized scooters.

Keep calm and carry on.

Modobag also describes the bag as “surprisingly lightweight” at 19 pounds, but that makes it less than idea for rugged terrain such as a trip to the country—or anyplace with stairs. It also means travelers will have to pack light if they’re flying on a budget carrier like Ryanair that caps carryon luggage weight.

Rideable luggage isn’t new, but it’s largely been marketed for children. Now they can eat your dust.

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