A man climbs the outside of Trump Tower in New York on Aug. 10.
Reuters/Lucas Jackson
Sticky situation.

A man is scaling New York’s Trump Tower aided by suction cups, and police are on the scene

By Caitlin Hu

Update, 6:35pm ET: The climber has been intercepted by police, who pulled him inside the building from a window on the 21st floor.

With apparent sangfroid, a young man is currently scaling New York City’s Trump Tower—where Donald Trump keeps a penthouse apartment and where his presidential campaign is headquartered. The climber’s equipment: a set of suction cups.

Alex Cannon via AP
Watching from inside.

Despite the fact that, at time of writing, the climber was at least 16 stories above Fifth Avenue with no safety ropes, NBC reports that he seems calm. He’s been spotted chatting to policemen, sipping water from his backpack, and adjusting his hat. Police reportedly tried to intercept the climber, but were stymied by his ability to scuttle sideways with his suction-based climbing contraption.

The midtown building has 58 stories. The climber reportedly started his upward trek from the tower’s public fifth-floor atrium.

Reuters/Lucas Jackson
Pedestrians gather to watch.

It was unclear what the climber wanted, but if it’s an audience with Trump, he’s out of luck. The Republican nominee is currently campaigning in Virginia.