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The photos that remind us of why we love sports

Courtesy of Deanne Fitzmaurice/Brooklyn Museum
Touchdown Kiss, 2013.
By Johnny Simon
Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

As the 2016 Rio Olympics wrapped up on Aug. 21, so did the displays of celebration and heartbreak that came with it. But for those who don’t want the drama to end, look no further than the Brooklyn Museum, whose new show celebrates the beauty of sports and the people (and photographers) who love them.

“Who Short Sports: A Photographic History, 1943 to Present” features the theatrical work of studio photographers like Howard Schatz and Gerard Rancinan, alongside action shots by more traditional sports photographers. Sports shown range from the World Cup to ping-pong therapy.

As guest curator Gail Buckland noted, “The ancient Greeks celebrated their athletes, and the finest artists of antiquity preserved those athletes’ achievements. Today, it is the photographers who give sports its indelible image.”

Courtesy of David Burnett/Contact Press Images/Brooklyn Museum
A platform diver at Olympic previews in Fort Lauderdale in 1996.
Courtesy of Krystle Wright/Brooklyn Museum
Michael Tomchek leaps off Castleton Tower as fellow BASE jumpers look on in Castle Valley, Utah, 2010,
Courtesy of Daniel Rodrigues/Brooklyn Museum
Football in Guinea Bissau, 2012.
Courtesy of Lucy Nicholson/Reuters/Brooklyn Museum
Alzheimer’s Ping Pong Therapy in Los Angeles, 2011.
Courtesy of Howard Schatz/Staley-Wise Gallery/Brooklyn Museum
Boxer Sergio Martinez, 2010.
Courtesy of Gerard Rancinan/Brooklyn Museum
Laura Flessel, 2001.
Courtesy of Mark Leech/Offside Sports Photography/Brooklyn Museum
World Cup, Netherlands vs. Brazil, 2010.
Courtesy of Ken Geiger/The Dallas Morning News/Brooklyn Museum
Nigerian Relay Team, 1992 Olympics, Barcelona.
Courtesy Mark Fisher/Brooklyn Museum
Skiier Sage Cattabriga Alosa in Alaska, 2010.
Courtesy Bob Martin/Brooklyn Museum
Serena Williams in 2004.
Courtesy Bob Martin/Sports Illustrated/Brooklyn Museum
Avi Torres of Spain sets off at the start of the 200m freestyle heats at the Paralympic Games in Athens, 2004.

“Who Shot Sports” ends Jan. 8, 2017.

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