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Photos: Lightning struck more than 300 wild reindeer in Norway

EPA/Havard Kjotvedt/Sno/Miljodirektoratet
epa05513485 A handout picture provided by the Norwegian Environment Agency (Miljodirektoratet) shows more than 300 wild reindeer which were found dead on Hardangervidda, Norway, 28…
By Thu-Huong Ha
Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

One of Europe’s biggest populations of wild reindeer has suffered a blow.

Last week, 318 reindeer in Norway’s Hardangervidda National Park died all together in a storm, reports the AFP. Five more were put down due to the severity of their injuries. Their bodies were found on Aug. 26.

Kjartan Knutsen, an official from the Norwegian Environment Agency, told the AFP there were strong storms in the area that day. Lightning appeared to struck them all at once, he said, as reindeer huddle together in bad weather.

The park has around 8,000 wild reindeer, a quarter of the country’s total population.

EPA/Havard Kjotvedt/Sno/Miljodirektoratet
EPA/Havard Kjotvedt/Sno/Miljodirektoratet

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