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Apple’s iOS 10 update seems to be tanking people’s phones

Reuters/Beck Diefenbach
It feels like we’ve been here before.
  • Dave Gershgorn
By Dave Gershgorn

Artificial intelligence reporter

Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

In preparation for the new iPhone 7, Apple has finally released the newest version of its mobile operating system, iOS 10.

However, many iPhone users (including this author) seem to be having issues with the update. Multiple reports on Twitter indicate that the iOS 10 update has forced both iPhones and iPads into Recovery Mode, meaning they must be plugged into a computer and restored to the previous version of the operating system, iOS 9.3.5.

A statement from Apple to Quartz reports that they’ve fixed the issue, but we still recommend backing up your iPhone, iPad, and even important files on an Apple laptop before updating to any new operating system. If your phone was affected by the update, Apple also recommends connecting your phone to your computer, updating iTunes, and following the iTunes prompts to reinstall the software.



Apple support is fielding issues on Twitter, and has indicated that devices need to be plugged into a computer for the update to work. However, Quartz found that the issue occurred while updating a phone to iOS 10 from a computer.

Let Quartz know if you’re having the same issue (or if you found a fix) by replying to tweet below.

This story was updated to include an update from Apple and their recommendations to safely update. 

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