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Margaret Thatcher's Funeral
AP Photo/Dominic Lipinski
Margaret Thatcher’s funeral cost the UK government a cool £3.6 million ($5.6 million).

Photos: Margaret Thatcher’s £3.6 million funeral by the numbers

By Roberto A. Ferdman

The former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is still causing a stir from the grave. The UK government released figures today on the cost of Thatcher’s funeral, which was held on April 17. The Prime Minister’s family reportedly only paid for the flowers and the undertaker’s bill but the £3.6 million spent was less than expected. Here are seven other numbers from the Iron Lady’s funeral:

£3.6 million ($5.6 million) is the approximate total amount spent by the UK government on Margaret Thatcher’s funeral.

Margaret Thatcher's funeral service

£2 million ($3.09 million) in ”opportunity costs” were spent for hiring police who otherwise would have been on duty elsewhere.

Police officers at Margaret Thatcher's funeral

£1.1m ($1.7 million) was spent on providing additional security for the ceremonial procession from the Palace of Westminster to St Clement Danes, the RAF chapel in the Strand, after which military escorted the coffin to the cathedral.

Margaret Thatcher's funeral ceremony

£500,000 ($771,650) was spent on ceremonial costs, including the service at ethereal St. Paul’s Cathedral swanky reception for guests at Mansion House, the residence of Lord Mayor of London, according to Prime Minister David Cameron’s spokesman John-Christophe Gray.

Margaret Thatcher's funeral pictured from above

4,000 police were on duty for the event.

Mounted police officer at Margaret Thatcher's Funeral

2,300 printed invitations were sent out to the congregation.

Guests at Margaret Thatcher's funeral

800 troops from the Royal Artillery lined the route of her coffin.

Margaret Thatcher's Funeral - Guards