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When nature calls.

China’s most extreme tourist attraction yet: a glass bathroom

Johnny Simon
By Johnny Simon


Vertigo-inducing glass structures have been a growing trend in China for the past few years. See-through bridges and walkways attract both tourists and  international media, who tend to respond with a nearly universal “No way.”

But the latest in terrifyingly transparent tourist traps is even worse: a bathroom made almost entirely of glass. Built in Hunan province’s Shiyanhu Ecologic Park, the mostly see-through lavatory offers only a modicum of privacy, with stall walls of a frosted glass. According to the South China Morning Post, the park plans to make the walls into two-way mirrors, so that guests can see out without being seen. Until then, the park will be exercising a high level of transparency.

For now, the most privacy you can expect.
No word yet on the Windex budget.
People pose for pictures as a public lavatory made mainly of glass opens to public at a park in Hunan province
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