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Amazon Kindle, Bookeen Cybook Odyssey, Sony Reader ereaders
Reuters/Dominick Reuter

Amazon Prime for US customers now includes access to 1,000 free ebooks

Thu-Huong Ha
By Thu-Huong Ha


Amazon is hoping to entice readers with a new promotion tacked onto its Amazon Prime membership in the US.

The monthly fee of $10.99 now includes access to a rotating selection of 1,000 books and magazines for the Kindle app. Starting yesterday, Prime Reading joins the two-day shipping and TV and movie offerings already part of the monthly service.

You won’t find very many classics or new works of acclaimed literature, but it’s great for readers of CosmopolitanPeopleNational Geographic, and Sports Illustrated magazines—or for anyone needing a Lonely Planet guide to London, Sicily, or Kyoto.

There’s also good news for anyone who hasn’t read The Hobbit or the first Harry Potter book, and anyone who wants to know more about the five languages of love. The selection also includes top sellers across plenty of genre fiction, including historical fiction and paranormal romance.

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